This morning diet with bananas has become a hit all over the world at the same moment as it appeared in Watanabe’s book.

This diet is simple and you will not need to make specific changes in your normal daily diet.

Mister Watanabe was trying to lose weight for many years and he tried many different diets, but nothing worked for him. Therefore, together with Sumiko, his wife, he created a special banana diet that finally helped him to solve his weight problems.

The diet that they created is easy and simple. You only need to drink one glass of water at room temperature and eat one banana immediately after you wake up in the morning. Then, you should not consume anything till lunch.

Bananas contain starch that stimulates weight loss. They don’t dissolve in the small intestine, but instead go in the large intestine and there the fermentation process happens.

The bacteria there convert the bananas in short chain fatty acids that improve the function of the intestines and feed the body’s cells.

You can consume as many bananas as you like, but the Japanese always avoid stomach overload.

You should eat a banana and then wait for 20 minutes. If you are still hungry, you can consume another one.

Meanwhile, the warm or room temperature water stimulates the metabolism.

You should also avoid alcohol, milk and eating after 8PM. You should also go to bed before midnight, since lack of sleep leads to weight gain.

As a snack between meals you can consume fruits and for lunch and dinner you can eat whatever you like.

Here are the beneficial properties of bananas:

• Bananas are loaded with fiber and potassium
• Bananas are considered to be a superfood, because they are loaded with beneficial nutrients that are good for you overall health.
• They keep you full and boost the function of your metabolism.
• They are cheap and you will lose weight without spending thousands of dollars.
• They will reduce your food cravings.
• They also reduce cellulite.

This diet will also normalize your blood sugar levels, improve your overall health and energize the entire body.