Being fit is not an easy task. It requires confidence, inspiration, self-discipline and strength. One of the most difficult parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the beginning of training. When you cross this obstacle, you are on the right track in achieving your goal. Moreover, once you start – the results are inevitable. When you start to get results, you are almost impossible to stop.

The first thing to correct is your diet…so you need to start with your meal schedule. The next step is to perfect your exercising schedule. Remember that these steps require an ideal technique to avoid damage. Therefore, consult with an expert before moving on.


Plank is a static exercise. This means that you do not need to move during the exercise, just hold the body in the right position. Plank is considered a basic exercise.

Lean on the elbows, forearms and toes. It is very important to keep your back perfectly straight. Try not to lower the waist, so that the thigh line is parallel to the floor. Then keep this position as long as you can.
You should feel the tension in almost every part of the body: the muscles of the back, the abdomen, the thighs and the hands.


Push-up is another exercise that involves literally all the main muscles. With this exercise, you strengthen your whole body. Perform it on a flat floor.

Fix the position of the body: with your arms straight, hold the body for a few seconds, while maintaining a straight line with the legs, back and buttocks. Slowly lower your body, bending your arms at the elbows. Then, straightening your hands, also slowly return to the starting position.


Bird dog

This exercise works your core, as well as the lower back and improves your overall look. It also strengthens your back, especially the lumbar region.

Start on all fours, draw in the belly in and simultaneously pull one leg and the opposite arm, while maintaining an ideal balance. Fix this position for at least a minute. Then slowly lower your arm and leg, repeat this exercise with the other leg and hand.

Glute bridge

This is also a key exercise, which mainly focuses on your buttocks, core and hips.

Lie on your back, bend your knees. The feet should be completely on the floor, hands extended to the sides at an angle of 45 degrees. Pull the buttocks and raise the hips as high as possible. Fix the body in this position for a few seconds. Then slowly lower the pelvis and repeat the exercise again.

Keep in mind that working on a healthy body takes months and even years.