Garlic is an amazing ingredient that has countless health benefits. Nevertheless, some people rarely use because of its specific taste and smell. Fortunately, there is a method that preserves all the nutrients and benefits of garlic and makes it tasty as well. You can see the recipe below.

Health benefits

It improves the digestive system

If you want to boost your immune system, using garlic is great choice for you. It promotes your digestive system and stimulates the secretion of digestive juices. In addition, it affects the intestines and soothes them.

Treats diseases of the lungs

There are various diseases of the chest, such as pulmonary tuberculosis. Therefore, consuming this remedy 3 times a day will help to solve this problem and many more.

Treats asthma and pneumonia

The use of this natural remedy before bedtime will help treat asthma and fight with pneumonia.

Reduces the level of bad cholesterol

This warm drink will reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

It treats impotence

This beverage can help with impotence.


Reduces the symptoms of arthritis

Pain and inflammation caused by arthritis can be treated with this miraculous beverage.

Treats jaundice

The garlic in this drink activates liver enzymes that can eliminate toxins from your body. This is due to the sulfur content in garlic and when consumed for 5 consecutive days, it will treat jaundice.


If you suffer from insomnia, and you can’t sleep normally, this remedy will solve this problem. This will ensure rest for your body and improve the quality of sleep.

The recipe


• 10 peeled and chopped garlic cloves
• 500 ml of milk
• 250 ml of water
• 2-3 teaspoons of sugar


1. First, pour the milk and water into a saucepan and add the garlic.
2. Boil these ingredients, stirring constantly.
3. When the amount of the mixture is reduced by half, remove from heat.
4. Then strain and add sugar.

Drink this beverage while it’s hot.