Every woman wants a beautifully formed, firm and sexy ass, just like the ads for cellulite products. Apart from the fact that it looks good, firm butt also helps maintain a better body position and stabilize the back. Therefore, do not wait and immediately start shaping your buttocks. In a short time you will feel that your clothes fit better and that you have greater self-confidence.

Side lunge

Stand upright. Your legs should be spread at hips width. With your right foot, make a big step right. Take the upper part of the body to the right. The right knee should be just above your foot, and keep your left straight. Touch your foot with your left hand. Swing with your right foot and return to your original position. Repeat the exercise on the left side.

This exercise helps to strengthen the buttocks, the side abdominal muscles and legs.

Split squat

Hold a weight in each hand and fully extend your arms at your sides with the palms towards each other. Place the feet hip-width apart and place the instep of the rear foot on a chair. The feet should be about three feet apart. Lower the hips toward the ground so that your rear knee comes near the ground. Pause and return to the initial position.

Single leg deadlift

Assume a single-leg stance. Lower the upper body by bending at the hip. Keep your back straight. Lower the weights down the thighs and shin of the supporting leg. Push your hips back and slightly bend the knee while you descent. Swing your free leg back and make it in line with your torso. Lower the upper body until you feel a mild stretch in your hamstrings. Return to the initial position.

Glute kick-back with resistance band

Hold the resistance band and get down on all fours. Loop the band around the left foot, and make sure it’s well-secured. Next, push backward with the foot like a horse kicking backwards. Press back until the leg is nearly straight and return it to your initial position. Do as many repetitions as you’d like, then switch on the other side.


Stand in front of a chair with your back, arms and legs straight, feet hip-distance apart, and weights in each hand. With the right leg, step on the center of the chair and straighten the right leg at the top. The opposite leg should be behind you for counter-balance. Slowly bend the right knee and step down with left and then right foot to do one repetition. Don’t forget to switch sides.

Glute bridge with one leg

Lie on the ground with the knees bent and the feet flat on the ground. Raise one leg and bend the knee upwards and towards the chest. Do the exercise by pushing through the other heel and raising the hips up. Continue until the hips are in straight line with the torso. Hold this position for a while. Then, return to the initial position by lowering the hip to the ground. Repeat with the other leg.

Fire hydrants with resistance band

Wrap the resistance band right above the knees. Begin on all-fours, align your shoulders over the wrists and the knees directly under your hips while keeping the spine long and straight. Lift the right knee to the right while maintaining the rest of the body still, then lower it back to the ground.

Hamstring curl with stability ball

Lie on the ground with the arms palm down on the floor. Put your feet on the stability ball. Bend the knees, so that the calves will roll the ball toward you. Then roll the ball back. Keep the hips and back and straight.