Everyone wants to have a flat belly and a nicely formed six-pack. And we have the perfect solution for you!

You’ve probably heard of the amazing effects of the plank. This exercise provides amazing effects in a short period of time, and although many people think its effects are not as good due to its easy appearance, this is not an easy exercise.

Plank is a static workout but it involves several muscles in the abdominal area, particularly the upper torso. While you are in this position, the corset muscles are largely engaged, which will make you sweat more than doing 100 crunches.

Now we are challenging you to do this 1-month plank plan, and the result of this challenge will definitely shock you!

First week

Try holding the plank position for a minimum of 30 seconds a day, and then gradually increase it to a minute.

Second week

During this week, you should aim at keeping the position half a minute more.

Third week

Now, you will be able to hold the plank position longer, so you can add one more minute to strengthen your abs even more!

You just need to stay motivated and determined during this 21-day challenge and you will definitely achieve the desired goals!