Most people drink hot coffee or tea as soon as they wake up, but according to Ayurveda, this is wrong. Regularly drinking water, especially in the morning, can treat the body, improve the power of the digestive system, and reduce metabolic waste that burdens the immune system.

Doctors recommend drinking water first thing in the morning because it has been shown to reduce the activity of free radicals in the body. Consumption of water strengthens the intestines, thus establishing their regular movement.

Although water is not tasty like coffee, here are six good health reasons why you should drink water instead of coffee in the morning.

It purifies the body

A cup of water in the morning helps purify the body by ejection of toxins. Water helps break down food into the stomach and relieve the digestive system.

Helps with constipation

We have all faced the problem of poor bowel movement. Bloating of the intestines accompanied by constipation is a consequence of lack of water in the body. Drinking water in the morning can improve bowel function and help with constipation, because it breaks down the food that then goes smoothly through the intestines. Intestinal stimulation will help the body to function normally again.

Relieves pain

Water – especially hot water is considered the most powerful natural pain reliever, which helps alleviate various types of pain – from headache to menstrual pain. It is known that warm water has a calming effect and has a beneficial effect on the abdominal muscles and allows rapid relief of cramps in the stomach.

Helps get rid of the extra pounds

If you are on a diet, drinking a glass of water in the morning will help you lower your weight. It accelerates the metabolism that will enable the burning of more calories, and it will also help the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract function even better.

Doctors recommend that you drink a cup of water in the morning with a lemon to reduce the activity of free radicals in the body. Water and lemon help to break down fatty tissue in the body, as well as control the desire for food, thanks to the pectin fibers contained in the lemon.

Improves blood circulation

Drinking hot water reduces fatty deposits in the body, along with the deposits in the nervous system. This eliminates the toxins circulating throughout the body, and thus the circulation will improve. By relaxing your muscles, your blood circulation will also improve.

Prevents premature aging

Premature aging is the worst nightmare for women, but luckily this can be prevented by drinking water first thing in the morning. Toxins present in the body can lead to premature aging, but water helps to purify the body from toxins and restores the elasticity of the skin cells.

To feel these benefits, drink water every morning right after you wake up, and you can add a bit of lemon for a better taste.