We all have favorite fruits, vegetables or spices, but most of the people probably do not know how they grow and how they look like before being sold in stores. For this reason we have created a list of 12 fruits, vegetables and spices which you probably didn’t know how they grow.

Sesame seeds

When the pods of this plant are cut, you can easily spot the sesame seeds lined up in small rows.


You probably did not know that these nuts come from trees and have a completely different colour than the one you see when you buy them in stores.


It seems unbelievable, but vanilla looks similar to green string beans before harvesting and afterwards they are dried. That’s how it gets the brown color.


Almonds come from almond trees, they are green but they become darker when they are ripe.


Although you’ve probably seen those long cinnamon sticks it is actually the bark from the cinnamon tree.


Saffron is in fact a flower, and its stigmas are then plucked and dried – that’s how you get the spice.


Cashews look nothing like the nuts we see when we buy them! They look really strange, but are nevertheless beautiful.


Cacao beans are a lot different before they are dried and then processed.


They are bulbous plants and grout out of the ground.


You probably won’t recognize quinoa seeds if you see how they grow.


Believe it or not, dates grow in large clusters.


Before being picked and served for us, capers look like reddish or green pods.
How many of them would you recognize if you saw them?