People started using natural cures like go-to remedies for treating cold, rash and other serious ailments. They are a quick-fix and all recipes for natural remedies showed a promise for treating different health conditions. Many studies agree that they can be way more efficient than other pharmaceutical medicines.

One natural recipe is the combination of castor oil and baking soda. Both ingredients in this recipe have powerful medicinal properties and they have special benefits when used separately and together.

Castor oil and its powers

Baking soda has great health properties and it is good for removing blackheads, teeth whitening and treating acne, but castor oil is able to reduce dark skin spots, including dark circles under the eye and it can improve blood circulation as well.


Castor oil is amazing remedy and it can treat cataracts and also improve the eyesight. You just have to add one drop of castor oil in your eyes before you go to bed.


If you consume 6 to 8 drops of castor oil orally for a period of 4 months you can cure tinnitus. Tinnitus is an ear infection and it symptoms are booming or ringing sensation in the ear. Also, you can improve your hearing by adding 2 drops of castor oil in the ears.

Sinus and Nose

You can apply castor oil on your stomach and this can stop or reduce snoring during 14 days.

Lips and Mouth

You can treat mouth sores efficiently if you add one drop of castor oil on your sores.

Vocals and Neck

In case your voice is coarse or you might feel like you will have a sore throat you can use castor oil to massage your neck and treat it.


You can ease sore sports on your back by massaging it with castor oil.

Feet and Legs

Castor oil massages will help you to remove the calcium deposits or cracks on your soles and it can also help you to treat injured or tired ankles.

Hair and skin

You can get rid of stretch marks by massaging the area with castor oil. Just apply castor oil on the warts and they can disappear in one month. Additionally, by using castor oil to massage your scalp you can reduce hair fall, stimulate hair growth and strengthen your roots.


By consuming around 5 drops of castor oil on a daily basis you can keep allergies at bay.


By consuming 2 drops of castor oil you can reduce the addictions to alcohol and maybe nicotine from smoking.

Castor oil and Baking soda combination

By combining castor oil and baking soda you will make a natural powerful remedy for treating different health problems.

Dark Spots

By combining castor oil and baking soda you can remove the marks, dark spots and all blemishes from your face.


You can treat problematic skin injuries, such as burns, paper cuts and bruises with the castor oil and baking soda mixture. Baking soda will fizz out the dirt and bacteria and it can close the wound.

Bug Bites

You can apply this combination to treat the swelling and itchy bug bites that appear on your skin and you will get an instant relief.

Fungal Infections

People who have problem with fungal infections such as athlete’s foot will find it helpful if they massage the area with castor oil and baking soda mixture.

DIY Compress of Castor oil

People use castor oil for massaging and it can be used in hot compresses as well. This is a recipe that can help you to unite the therapeutic qualities of baking soda and castor oil:

The first thing you need to do is prepare a castor oil compress. For this you will need:

– A bottle filled with hot water;
– Cotton towel or a clean gauze;
– Plastic wrap;
– Cold pressed castor oil.


First you need to clean your skin using baking soda and then you can soak the gauze in a little bit of castor oil. Afterwards, you should apply the gauze on the affected area: on the area where you want to improve your circulation or on the area where you want to reduce the numbness, etc.

The next step is to wrap the area using the plastic wrap and place a hot water bottle on top of that. This is going to warm up the area. When you become okay with the heat you should fasten it using the towel.

You should leave it for around 60 minutes and in the end clean up your skin using baking soda.