If you want to eliminate visceral fat and belly fat it is important to cut back on processed food, sugar, as well as caffeine. Instead you should eat frequent small meals, exercise on a regular basis and control your emotional eating habits. In order to reduce lower belly fat, you should practice a combination of healthy diet choices and healthy juices. If you want to reduce belly bloating, you should drink something that is going to improve your digestion and also reduce inflammation.

Types of Belly Fat

• Bloated belly which is caused by indigestion;
• Low belly fat;
• Subcutaneous fat located right under the skin;
• Punctured tire belly fat;
• Visceral abdominal fat.

If you have ideal weight, it means that the chemicals and hormones that are secreted by the fat cells are healthy. The actual problem comes when you have larger and a lot of fat cells and this mostly happens among overweight people. Both modern medicine and traditional medicine agree that excess belly fat is the main cause for different severe health issues such as diabetes, hypertension as well as chronic inflammation.

We present you five types of different belly fat and how to keep them in check.

Distended and Bloated Belly

You can easily solve the problem with bloated belly which is caused by indigestion. You will only need to make changes in your diet.

Even though distension (short-term increase in abdominal girth) and bloating (feeling full) are not directly related to belly fat, they are symptoms of digestive disorders and they can cause belly fat.

In most cases the reason for their appearance is production of excess gas as well as other disturbances in the movement of the muscles located in the digestive system. Distension and bloating have certain cyclic patterns: they are most intense after the person has eaten a meal, and it is especially shown if there is a big time gap in-between two meals. It is less intense when the person is lying down. The best improvement is during the night.

If you have this problem, you do not need excessive exercise to solve it. It is important to have a balanced diet full of herbs and foods that will help and regulate digestion. You should stop eating certain foods such as gluten or dairy which can worsen or actually cause the problem.

Low Belly Fat

You should eat fibrous fruits and veggies, you should avoid eating overly processed food such as refined sugar, flour as well as and sugary drinks.

It is the soft stomach fat located in the lower abdomen. People usually connect it with small digestive problems as well as sedentary life style.

If you are lean, but you notice that your pants become tight, it means that you have problem with low belly fat. It is not a serious problem, but it is good to solve the problem on time.

You should practice regular exercises with moderate intensity and also include more digestive herbs and fibers in your diet. In most cases the results are quick and this mostly depends on your metabolic profile and body type.

Subcutaneous Fat

This type is the least dangerous type – observing from a health perspective. You can lose it with exercise.

Many of us have problems with subcutaneous fat. It is the fat accumulated below the skin. It can be found over the entire body; however it is located mostly around our hips, waist and thighs. We can see it and it is playing games with us, which is why we all want to remove it as fast as we can. People want to eliminate it because of cultural and social mores, and because it is annoying.

If you can run, walk, dance, climb stairs, play sports, sleep well it means that you have nothing to worry as you are healthy and you can just do few hours of exercise and it will be gone.

Punctured Tire Belly Fat

This type of fat is caused by bad lifestyle and eating habits. Change that and you will eliminate it.

This type of fat is located around your waist and it appears because of a prolonged sedentary life style as well as unbalanced diet which eventually will cause obesity. If you have bump around the belly button similar to a sagging tire it means you have this type of belly.

This fat can be eliminated by saying NO to processed foods, alcohol, and sugar as well as sodas. Tracking your meals will help as well. It is also important to include frequent exercises with moderate intensity and eat foods such as:

• Whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat, oats);
• Beneficial fats (medium chain saturated and poly-unsaturated fats) such as vegetable oil, fish, and nuts;
• Lean proteins such as seafood, eggs and white meat;
• Essential vitamins and minerals.

The progress might be slow and even unsteady, but eventually it will pay off. Remember that you should follow your plan and the changes will come.

Visceral Abdominal Fat

This is the most dangerous type of fat. Some symptoms of visceral fat accumulation are tighter clothes around the upper abdomen and/or shortness of breath when doing small activities.

Subcutaneous fat mostly affects our eyes, but the most dangerous is the one that we cannot see with our eyes. It is located in the spaces between our abdominal organs.

This type of fat is related to impairment of lipid and glucose metabolism and causes glucose intolerance, hypertension, elevation of lipid levels, cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance as well as type 2 diabetes.

The metabolic risk factors of this type of fat are even higher for overweight people. The ones who have high amount of subcutaneous fat can also have a high amount of visceral abdominal fat as well.

This type of fat is very dangerous because of its proximity to the portal vein, which has responsibility to carry the blood from the intestinal area to the liver. Visceral fat releases substances such as free fatty acids and they go in the portal vein and eventually end up in the liver, where they help in the production of blood lipids and this causes raise in metabolic disturbances and other risk factors.

From basic and clinical investigations it is shown that excess intake of sucrose, sex hormones, aging, and no physical exercise are the factors that cause accumulation of visceral fat. Different studies have proven that there is connection between abdominal fat distribution and uncontrollable stress, which happens mostly among women.

You should not skip meals, stop eating junk food, maintain a healthy lifestyle, have portion control, eat a balanced and nutritious diet, try and control emotional eating, limit alcohol and caffeine intake, include moderate-intensity exercise, avoid smoking and practice meditation and deep breathing.

The progress might be slow, but steady and the process can help with digestion, energy and better sleep.