Influenza season is here once again, and there are reports on a daily basis about the presence of the “wild” flu, which is very virulent. However, before you go out and get a flu shot for your “protection,” it would be good if you pay attention at what science wants to say about the efficiency and safety of these jabs that are often-hyped.

In one interview with Mike Adams, he is the Health Ranger, Dr. Suzanne Humphries – she is the vaccine truth advocate, talked about her expertise regarding flu shots and she explained how she observed all adverse events they have along with their use. This was the reason why she started a deep investigation about the vaccine nature. She discovered that during this process, the shots actually don’t work, and they can even be the reason for additional problems.

She published a book called The Dissolving Illusions and it contains this information. She talks about certain concepts including antibody-dependent enhancement, which is a vaccine-induced phenomenon and during this process the proteins that would usually prevent viruses from entering cells they actually facilitate their invasion. In her book she also talks about other concepts such as original antigenic sin, which people know as the Hoskins effect. It is a damage caused by vaccine and it hurts the immune system which overrides the ability to ward off a disease in a natural way. She says that many scientists actually write about this for a long time.

“There has been a big study and it showed that after taking the influenza vaccine, there are 4 to 5 times risk that you can get other type of influenza infection or maybe a non-influenza viral infection which can be ugly, such as echovirus and coxsackievirus, and they can even paralyze you. These are nasty viruses and as opposed to those who got saline placebo that is a rare case … those studies exist and can help us to prove that we say the truth.”

The best option is to eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Humphries additionally has observed many cases of patients with liver damage who were associated with flu shots. The thing can be that these non-influenza viral infections actually put a big strain on many bodily systems including the liver and for many patients this ends up becoming a full-blown liver disease.

If you ask her the best way is not to receive a flu shot or any other shot –as the human body is naturally trained and has the equipment for fighting pathogenic invaders when they are presented with them, and can also develop immunity to them. This will not be immunity that is induced by vaccine, but natural lifetime immunity.

She has studied vaccines for a very long time, longer than any medicine subject. She is driven to do this and she feels the need to do that.

“I would say to any of my family members who respect me, not to take a vaccine – never. Your age is not important – you should not do it. They are potential threat; they are dangerous and not necessary. You can deal with potential illness in many different and better ways.”