We are aware that technology is not going anywhere. It is present in our everyday lives and there are different positive changes. However, there are a lot of negativities as well. In most cases older people tend to point fingers at the younger generation for being always attached to their technology and the real deal is that they are not so different themselves.

Too Much Screen Time Can Lead To Behavioral Problems In Kids And Toddlers

We spend a lot of time on social media and we know that. This can cause mental and physical problems among adults, as well as among kids who spend hours on their gadgets. In one study it was discovered that the more time parents spend on their tablets, phones or other devices, the less important interactions they will have with their own kids. If the time the child spends with their parents is constantly interrupted by technology, the child will feel unimportant and frustrated, causing the child to act negatively.

Other Health Effects Of Too Much Screen Time

There are other negative impacts that technology can have over our lives such as:

• Eye health and vision
• Depression and mental health
• Increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular health
• Back, neck, and other musculo-skeletal problems
• Problems with learning and brain development
• Lack of attention
• Sleep problems

Even thought it has positive effects, its use has to be limited, because it can cause a bad influence over our physical, mental and emotional health.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family From The Negative Effects Of Technology

You can protect yourself and your family from all those negative impact by using the following methods and spending quality time together:

Limit screen time for everyone.

If you make this rule for everyone at home, you can always be able to spend precious time with your children and loved ones.

No phones while eating.

This is one of the few times when busy families spend time together. They eat, chat and enjoy. Make sure no one uses their phones during this time.

Practice other activities instead of watching movies.

Having a family movie night means a lot of fun, but sometimes you can have fun without using movies. You can replace movie night with game night which can be even more entertaining. It can help you to build family memories and traditions and can be much more fun, if you choose the right game.

When you get outside, leave our phones at home!

You can spend the weekend with your family outside, playing ball, hiking, and bowling or doing indoor mini-golf, the possibilities are endless. The important part is that you should not be able to check your emails, texts, you should only enjoy in the time together.

Put the phone on airplane without going anywhere.

If you are not able to ignore the pinging of your phone, you should set it to silent or airplane mode for a certain period during the night – until the kids are gone to bed can be a good start.