Not everyone knows that our bodies actually live and die at a cellular level. Our body has billions of cells and they work hard so they can maintain alkalinity, which is going to keep us alive. It is important to have a healthy pH balance and it represents the first defense when it comes to any disease. All diseases thrive when there is an acidic environment and this creates the ideal conditions for the growth of mold, viruses, yeast, fungus and bacteria.

Acidic state can cause deficiency of oxygenation at a cellular level. If the pH value drops down below 7.4, it means the blood will get less oxygen. If there is no proper oxygenation there will be appearance of bacteria, viruses, and mold.

If the body is in acidic state, it will try to protect itself from the damaging acid by making storage of acid in fat cells and when the acid levels go too high, the calcium is depleted and the vital organs could suffer. We have good news: you can go back to having a balanced pH level and you can lose all fat cells and save the organs from a huge damage.

Additionally, when the body is in acidic state, your body will have to lend other minerals from many vital organs and this is the beginning of diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

There is info from a study that is 7 years old and it included almost 9,000 participants. The study was made at the University of California and it was proven that people with chronic acidosis have a higher risk of bone loss compared to people who had normal pH levels.

Moreover, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says hip fractures in middle-aged women usually results in high acidity that is caused by a diet high in meat and animal sources and low in vegetables.

“Immune cells which are too alkaline or too acid will not make cytokines or antibodies and they will have impaired phagocytosis. The result will be affected individual who will become susceptible to bacterial, viral, fungal and many other infectious microbes including cancer,” says Dr. William Lee Cowden.

This means that it is important to have alkaline body so you can boost the immunity and regenerate your bone health. You can test the pH level at home. Just take pH paper and place it in your mouth and make it wet with saliva. You should compare the paper color with this chart.

We will present you amazing recipe which is ideal for body alkalization.


– 2 lemons
– Purified water
– 2 tsp. raw honey


– First squeeze the lemon juice from 2 lemons in a glass.
– Add the purified water.
– Stir and drink the lemonade during the day.

Note: a lot of fruits, mostly citrus fruits, are forming alkaline environment. You will need around 8 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits so you can keep your body alkaline. On the contrary, grains, dairy and meat can make the body acidic. It is recommended by experts that the food intake might be around 75% of alkaline foods.