Human psychology is mysterious and interesting. A lot of things make sense, while some do not. We will show you few amazing psychology facts which you should know.

Favorite song

A lot of people’s favorite songs are always connected to certain emotional and specific events.

Music has an influence

There was a study that was conducted in the Groningen University saying that music actually has a huge impact over the perception of the people.

Spending makes you happy

Different studies claim that spending money on other people will make you happy. This means that you should start giving a lot of gifts on birthdays and holidays.

Experiences are better

When you spend more money on experiences, happiness will follow. You will be happier than by spending money on stuff. Making memories is pure happiness.

Kids are highly strung

Nowadays kids are more strung than a psych person in the 50s. It is a sad fact that ½ of the population has problems with substance abuse, depression and anxiety.

Religion can help you to deal with stress

People who practice mediation and prayers are less stressed.

Money can buy happiness

Average Americans have the need to earn around $75,000 yearly so they can be happy as they can buy everything they want with this amount.

Happiness will always come from happy people

If you are hanging out with happy people, eventually you will become happier. That is why you should use your free time to be surrounded by happy people.

Stress will be next you to from 18 to 33

Between the age of 18 – 33 you will be stressed and the reason can be work, family or education, family, and work.

It is easy to trick the brain

You can do that with placebo sleep. This means that you can trick the brain, so it thinks you have slept enough so you can be energetic.

Kruger Effect

It is an effect that is real. This surrounds everyone. It is a situation where ignorant people think they are smart, and on the contrary smart people think they do not know enough.

Thinking of a past event

It is an interesting part when you think of something that has happened in the past. You actually are not remembering the actual moment, but the last time you remembered it. That is the reason why memories fade away.

By thinking in another language you can make rational decisions

It was proven in one study that if you think in a foreign language you can reduce the overall bias.

Talking about goals

It is shown that by talking more about your goals you will achieve less.

Chocolate is good

If you are in love you will release a certain hormone that is released if you eat chocolate. It is a hormone that makes you excited, alerted, and your pulse rate will be increased and you will feel happy.

Hugs can release chemicals

If you are hugging someone for almost 20 seconds, the body is going to release oxytocin, and you will secure, safe and connected to the person.

It is easier to be more creative if your brain is tired

In case you want to be creative, you might want to try and do that when your brain is tired.

It is painful to be rejected

According to neuroscience the brain will feel pain if it is rejected.

Relationships are important

It is revealed by researchers in the University of North Carolina that relationships are very important for a healthy life.

Blind people do not develop schizophrenia

This is an interesting fact that says there is no evidence that a blind person can develop schizophrenia.