A lot of people have problems with vision and the number is big: 4 in 6 people have vision problems. You can always use laser surgeries as an option and many people do not want to wear glasses. You can use pharmaceutical solutions as an option as well.

There is good news: you can do a lot of things about it. The first thing is you have to find the main cause for the problem and discover if it is a matter of age or genes?

Farsighted and Nearsighted

You could think it is simple, yet you can do wonders. You just have to sit in a chair and be sure that you have open space in front of you.

You should focus on the objects in the surroundings and you should go for the things which are away from you and switch the focus in 10 seconds. It should be an exercise that lasts for 5 minutes, and it will give you amazing results.


One of the best ways to bring back the health vision and to strengthen the eye muscles is blinking. In most cases you spend a lot of time in front of the computer and you do not blink enough and the eyes suffer a lot. By blinking you can prepare the eyes for new information and this short period of darkness will help you to process the things you see.

The invisible 8

You should rely on the imagination and just imagine that you see an invisible figure 8 which is lying on its side and it is right in front of you. Then slowly move your eyes along the imagined “shape” for exact 5 minutes and switch direction. Do it for another 5 minutes and it is amazing exercise for the eye muscles.

Cover the face

Cover the eyes using the hands and you should not press them. You should have enough space for blinking and seeing in the darkness. This can help your eyes and also release tension and stress. Do this while you work on your computer.