Everyone is aware that running is one effective exercise that burns fat and it also stimulates the heart so it can to pump more blood and it is the best for you to stay fit and healthy. If you do this exercise you have to be aware that there is one disadvantage: it is a high-impact exercise that it can apply too much pressure on the knees, feet and thighs.

We present you 10 exercises which might be as efficient as running, and also they will help you to tone and burn fat from many body muscles.


If you do10 burpees in one minute you will burn 14 calories and they are very good for losing fat and boosting the metabolism.

Fat Tire Biking

This exercise can help you to burn approximately 1,500 calories in one hour and you will avoid the strain which is imposed on your knees.

Bike Sprints

These are good for beginners and if you are a beginner you have to pedal the fastest you can for 60 seconds and then pedal slowly down for additional minute.

Kettlebell Swing

It is an exercise that is going to help you to burn 10 calories in 60 seconds. Everyone can do it and you will need just couple of minutes.

Cross-Fit Exercises

It is a cross-fit exercise that includes many different exercises. Choose 3 and do the on a regular basis.

Batting Ropes

This is one of the best exercises you can do, as it is amazing for consumption of oxygen.

Jumping Rope

This is efficient and fun exercise that can help you to burn 12 calories in 60 seconds.

Indoor Rowing

It is good exercise for tightening and toning your muscles. It is amazing for burning 375 calories in 30 minutes.

Cross-Country Skiing

It is even better than running. If you do it on a regular basis, you will spot a difference in just 7 days.

Jump Squats

Amazing exercise that gives extraordinary results by burning 14 calories in only 20 seconds.