Every person has a complex personality and there are different traits which might helps us to create the personality that we reflect. Our personalities have different sides and they have many dimensions and they all come along in a cumulative way that can help us to describe our overall behavior.

So, this means we have certain primary traits that are formed in the backbone of our personalities. Even though we add many dimensions to our thoughts with our knowledge and experience, the central qualities almost never change. Those so called traits are the things that can help us to determine what kind of people we become and what kind of choices we make.

That is why the mind can trick you to see differently and the personality will discover your choices. The animal you see, will tell a lot about you and your personality. So, are you ready?

#1 A Butterfly

It is the symbol of change and beauty. It is easily transformed from cocoon to an amazing butterfly. If you saw it first, it means you are similar. Flexible, adaptable, you adapt easily and change easily. You can always break out and become the most amazing person.

#2 An Eagle

Free, wild, and built for the skies, it means that you are completely driven and focused to get everything you want. You always trust in the decisions you make and you grab everything you want from life.

#3 A Praying Mantis

If you saw a praying mantis first it means that your instincts are strong. You have inner voice that gives you guidance. You always trust your guts and you get what you want.

#4 A Dog

You are brave, loyal, selfless and protective and if it is a dog you saw it means you are a person who is all of the above. You are loyal but fierce, protective but playful and selfless but loving.

#5 A Wolf

Wolves live within a pack, however they are lonely wanderers. It means that you are fearless and fierce. Even though you walk with others, you always stand out.

#6 A Crab

You are hard on the outside, yet very soft from the inside and extremely loyal.

#7 A Rooster

The main characteristic you have is perseverance. You are smart, quick and persistent.

#8 A Stallion

Seeing a stallion it means you are ambitious, raw, wild and free. You want to be counted and do not want to fight. You are driven, honest and exemplary.

#9 A Dove

The doves represent eternal love and peace. It means you are patient, calm, nurturing and peaceful. For someone you represent hope.