Everyone wants to be healthy and live a long time. To be with their family and to see their children grow. A lot of people enjoy this privilege.

Can wine help you to achieve this?

There have been different medical breakthroughs that appear with time. There are a lot of cures which are discovered so people can be healthy.

One study that examined people who were 90+ and they found out some interesting information and came to a conclusion.

In this study they wanted to:

– Examine rates of cognitive and functional decline among old people
– Examine the factors which are related to their longevity
– Examine certain clinical pathological correlations
– Examine any changeable risk factors for developing dementia and mortality
– Examine the epidemiology of dementia among old patients

The patients were visited two times yearly and they also conducted different neurophysiological and neurological tests.

How much you should drink?

It is good and helpful to drink wine regularly, yet one bottle for dinner is not acceptable. Moderation is the key.
The Mayo Clinic says that those who are 65+ have to drink only 1 drink and those who are 65- should drink 2 drinks. A regular drink is 5 fluid ounces of wine, 1.5 fluid ounces of distilled spirits and 12 fluid ounces of beer.

These are the benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol:

– Reduced the risk of diabetes
– Reduced any chance of ischemic stroke
– Reduced the risks of heart diseases

Additional study examined the connection between the negative effects of drinking and physical activity. The book was written by Dr. Emmanuel Stamatakis and he managed to collect a lot of information from England and Scotland. In this study there were 36, 370 participants, separated in 3 groups.

The first group included people who exercised on a regular basis, while the others exercised moderately. The third group included people who were not active. They were examining the amount of alcohol they consume.

The participants were followed for 10 years. 5,735 people died and it was concluded that that dangerous drinking was related to an increased risk of death in different health problems. It was concluded that the risk of death from cancer was increased when the people drank more drinks in 7 days.

However, those who exercised reduced the risk of cancer death because of alcohol.