It is the 21 century and our lives are easier with the advanced technology. The question is how can we live in a world where there is more pain, when cancer ruins everything and children die of incurable diseases? How is that possible?

We discovered a recipe that is believed can stop the start of any disease. It is a simple solution and you won’t need thousands of dollars, exotic trips or modern hospitals. It is a recipe of an anonymous person who wanted to help others.

This person lives and works in Moscow for more than ten years. We present you the biggest secret of all time. The list of ingredients is the following:

1) Sodium bicarbonate. Add one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate in one glass of water and drink it on a daily basis. You should buy the one without aluminum. Drink it in the night.

2) Hydrogen peroxide 3%. Mix three to five drops and add them in one glass of water. Drink it in the morning.

3) Green tea. Drink one glass of green tea every day.

4) Garlic. You will need one clove that you will dice and leave it to dry for few minutes. Add it in a glass of milk or yogurt and drink it.

5) Water. We all know that water is extremely healthy. However, you should drink water that has pH 7.43 or maximum 8 pH.

Being a science person, our source accepted all this with a certain amount of skepticism, and decided to take a little note of other scientific views. While researching, he came across the famous Doctor Ivan Pavlovich Neumivakin, a doctor of medicine, professor, pioneer of Russian medicine in cosmonautics, the person who founded the first Russian on a cosmic ship… and most importantly a person who developed his system of treatment with hydrogen and sodium. Since he was in charge of the health of the astronauts when he went in Space, and without a doctor there, he had to make sure that their health was in perfect order.

There are many documentary films found on You Tube made by Dr. Neumivakin, in which he analyzes in detail the benefits of hydrogen and bicarbonate. He lists many examples and scientific studies showing how these substances are really marvelous. The doctor explains in detail the chemical properties of these substances, how they affect the body, and how it is treated.

Our source and his family have been using these recipes every day for a year. We asked his daughter if she saw any changes, she answered that her immunity was drastically strengthened.

As we all know Russia is a country of highly developed science and technology, this revolutionary discovery should also be considered. It is not a theory of conspiracy, which is rumored door-to-door. The thing is public and generally known throughout Russia, even in the world, among those who see beyond the television programs that are imposed on us.

What is safe is that we have provided you with material for reflection and research.