So far, we have heard that fats are dangerous for our health, because they clog the arteries, increase the risk of heart disease, cause obesity etc.

But, the British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra claims the exact opposite and he is not the only one!

Namely, new research shows that our enemy is sugar. In addition, Dr. Malhotra says that full-fat products are good for our health and that there is plenty of evidence to show that fat does not lead to heart problems and it protects us from heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Malhotra encourages his patients to eat fats, and to avoid the fat-free products.

“I advise them to eat full-fat products and foods that contain saturated fats. When I point out that they should not eat foods that can “reduce” cholesterol, they look me in a weird way” says the cardiologist.

He also explained that all these products can only increase the risk of heart disease and also says that fat is not (the main) reason for obesity.

“I did not eat full-fat products; I exercised and still had fat on my stomach. Then I began to explore the effect that fat has on our health, “said the doctor.

Dr. Malhotra claims that the greatest health risk is sugar, and Dr. Robert Lustig – Professor of Pediatrics agrees with him. He also studied the effect that fat and sugar have on obesity in children and concluded that products containing sugar should have some warnings, such as those on cigarettes or some alcoholic beverages.

More and more experts believe that the main culprit for overweight and a whole range of related diseases is not fat, but sugar.

“You do not gain weight from fat, just as you do not become green from the vegetables you eat,” says the cardiologist, and Dr. Gary Taubes warns that being fat has nothing to do with calories, but with what we eat.

This is supported by the fact that about 23% of the population in Sweden eats full-fat products and as little carbohydrates as possible.

Swedish expert Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, who designed a nutrition program with less carbohydrates and more fat, points out that many people think his diet is a “timed bomb”, but the fact is that the number of obese people in Sweden is gradually decreasing.

Studies of the Swedish Health Council have shown that this type of diet is the best, not only for losing weight, but also for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases in obese people.

In addition, two studies conducted by the Alliance for Medical Research at Cambridge University in 2014 have shown that saturated fats from dairy products, if consumed moderately, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases as well.