This story was published during last year and National Geographic stated they actually went too far trying to draw a final connection between one starving polar bear and the climate change in their opening caption of their video, published in December 2017 regarding an animal. According to them that was climate change. They said that even though science might establish there is a great connection between the dying off polar bears and the melting sea ice, we cannot be completely sure why the bear was near death.

The filmmakers from the Sea Legacy posted images and a video of the sad moment when they discovered the polar bear. The bear was searching for food, while starving to death.

The filmmakers and the photographer Paul Nicklen found the bear on the Baffin Islands in Canadian.

They took disturbing images where you can see the starving bear, with bony structure, searching for food. The photographer grew up in north Canada and he was used to seeing them, however because of the climate his memories were not close to this.

He stated for National Geographic that they were crying and filming. They tried to help, but that was impossible without having a high-fat animal meat or a tranquilizer gun.

Instead, they took a picture and a video which they used to raise awareness of the current situation.

When scientists state that bears will extinct, my wish is for people to become aware what that actually looks like. They will starve to death and here is the photo of one.

Polar bears hunt on ice to find seals, which is their main source of food, but because the ice melts, the grizzly bears are the ones who compete in their territory.

Video source National Geographic