One person who is a real expert when it comes to smart meter microwave transmission power, recently conducted a research which showed that the radiation which is emitted from all smart meters is directly interfering with the normal functioning of the heart. In order to conclude this Warren Woodward took an EKG monitor and he connected with it when he was lying down near an Elster smart meter. The smart meter was connected to a high-frequency analyzer and it was measuring the microwave frequencies.

As it shifted back and forth between ordinary readings of 00.1 and 00.2, a screen demonstrated that the patterns of Woodward’s heart were symmetrical and normal. However, when it actually went up to 139.3 – this being the point at which the meter started to transmit data – the data from Woodward’s EKG was drastically changed.

It means that, when the smart meter was set to a high output mode, there were massive changes in the EKG and the heart patterns were normal when it was not reading.

Small changes to the normal heart rhythm is something you should not worry much. However, when all these irregularities happen all the time it is something to be worried about as it can cause fatigued cardiac function.

One holistic medicine doctor from Chandler, Arizona: Dr. Gilberto Leon has warned us. According to him all these heart changes are actually symptomless and a huge damage can be caused when you do not realize what they are doing.

The continuous bombardment of the microwave radiation coming from the smart meters is not natural and we are not programmed to respond to. If we are exposed to them all the time it will cause damage to the normal myocardial functioning.

A lot of the smart meters that are connected to people’s homes are a lot more powerful than smart meter that was tested by Woodward

Be aware that the Elster smart meter he tested can transmits just ¼ of Watt. Some other types can transmit more, which means that they can cause more damage which will result in worse health consequences. Woodward is actually a healthy and active man and he has a healthy heart. Everything he felt was due to the exposure of the smart meter.

The smart meters can charge a lot more than the electricity they use

There was another study and it discovered other severe problems that can be caused by smart meters, which is caused by overcharging.

Almost half of the smart meters which were tested actually have a lot of energy use and computational errors and read wrong. It might sound okay, but these errors can cause to some customers being charged 6 times more than they should pay. People are also worried about their safety, because there are reports of them being caught on fire or exploding and this can be caused by improper installation.

We all need to know all risks before the smart meters start being ubiquitous and going back would is no longer be an option.