People have been using turmeric in medicine and cooking for thousands of years. It is still a very important part in traditional Asian medicinal systems and cooking. It is the key component in curry powder as it gives the amazing golden color. The color is made by the trio of chemicals that are known as “curcuminoids”, mostly known as curcumin. It is full of antioxidants, had anti-inflammatory properties and amazing health benefits, including:

• Protection from free radicals
• Blood purification
• Prevention of premature aging
• Liver detox

Turmeric And Memory: Six-Hour Boost

There was a study that involved testing the working memories of people who were 60+ with recent diagnose of pre-diabetes. However, these participants did not receive any treatment. There is a connection between diabetes and memory loss. The participants consumed a breakfast of white bread along with either 1 gram of turmeric or placebo and they tested their memories before and after the meal.

“We discovered that this small addition to their breakfast actually improved their working memory during 6 hours”, said Wahlqvist.

Health experts believe that the prevalence of conditions related to memory loss will rise, including dementia and diabetes. It is suggested that everyone should intervene early; by including turmeric in their diet which may reduce the prevalence of the conditions.

The Curcumin Power

The study also connected curcumin and turmeric directly to reduced risk of developing dementia. One study from 2009 which was conducted by the researchers from the Duke University discovered that curcumin can cause changes in the brain and can counteract certain effects of Alzheimer’s.

Curcumin actually targets the amyloid plaques which are believed to be one of the biggest reasons for brain damage. Exercise and diet continue to be best ways for preventing this disease and eating curry and turmeric on a regular basis can help you to prevent dementia.

Many studies conducted in 2013 by the researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan discovered that curcumin can improve both measures of cardiovascular health, just as an aerobic exercise would do. The combination of both gave the greatest benefit.

It was shown in the research that there are different benefits from curcuming and turmeric, such as:

• Promoting heart health
• Cancer prevention
• Reducing body fat
• Reducing arthritis

How to Use It:

• Add a little bit of turmeric in your meals
• Prepare a turmeric latte or tea (always add a little bit of black pepper for absorption)
• Take it a supplement if you do not like the taste
• Add a pinch in your hot chocolate