We know that little lipstick can always complete your outfit. Everyone has different colors for every occasion and we all love them. However, certain brands have chemicals which can lead to hormonal issues and can also increase the risk of developing a disease. So, having so many lipstick might not be good, huh?

What do you need to know About Your Lipstick?

In one study, which was conducted by the EWG, it was discovered that around ¼ of the women population in the United States actually use roughly 15 cosmetic products on a daily basis and we all know that they contain carcinogens which are connected to impaired fertility or even developmental harm for a baby that is in the womb. You have to know where your cosmetic products come from, so you can stop using those who can harm you.

How are they made?

Do you know how lipsticks are made? Learn more in the following few sentences.

1. Pigment milling – the combination of pigments and the desired pigment are combined and connected with oil. Afterwards they are grinded until they become tiny particles. In this stage all toxic chemicals are combined together.

2. Pigment combined in base wax – the ingredients are combined in a steam-jacketed kettle which is equipped with a propeller agitator. Once they are mixed, the liquid is again grounded.

3. Molding – the molding is done at a certain temperature so it can eliminate all unwanted products of the fast-cooling. The lipstick is heated to 80 C and after it is poured in vertical split molds which are kept at 35 C.

4. Cooling and Flaming – afterwards the lipstick is being cooled down and extracted from the molds so it can be prepared for flaming. The flaming is the passing of the lipstick over few open flames so the small layers of gloss can be melted and they contain the toxic chemicals. With the process of flaming the lipstick is protected from all outside air as well as other influences.

What to Avoid When Buying Cosmetics

It is not required by law to have an FDA before you release a cosmetic product. This is only done for color additives, meaning that you can buy many products which might contain dangerous chemicals.

Here is a list of toxic ingredients you should check before buying cosmetic products. The number next to them is the hazard level.

– Metals (Lead) – 10
– Formaldehyde and products that can release it – 10
– Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A Acetate) – 9
– Fragrance – 8
– Benzyl Benzoate – 6

What Brands to Buy

Mineral Fusion Lipstick – It is amazing lipstick brand and it is smooth and natural.

ZAO Organic Makeup -It is the best brand for matte looks. It has amazing shades as well as a nice exterior design.

Earthlab Cosmetics – If you want to buy a lip liner with no toxins, this is the best product.

Alba Botanica – For a simple look, you can buy their clear lip gloss, which is safe, without toxins and it is so smooth. It smells amazing too.

PureFormulas – For a nourishing as well as simple product that is great for moisturizing you should buy this amazing lip gloss. It is perfect for those who want a nice subtle look, with a small pop.