Washing machines are made for cleaning and disinfection of clothes. In some cases they will do the complete opposite because there is mold inside them, which can cause moldy and unpleasant smell.

Is there Mold in Your Washing Machine?

Your washing machine is the ideal place for mold breeding. It has humid, warm environment for mold growth. The front-loading washing machines are more susceptible to this and the reason is because they have an air-tight rubber seal that prevents the moisture from leaving the washing machine.

Besides the fact that your clothes will smell moldy and unpleasant, the mold can also be the reason for different health problems. A lot of people are sensitive to mold exposure, which can lead to common allergenic symptoms including itchy eyes, congestion, and skin irritation and wheezing.

In some cases it can also lead to harmful reactions, such as fevers, mold infection in the lungs and shortness of breath.

Eliminate Mold from Your Washing Machine

It can be hard to eliminate mold form the washing machine. The reason is because when we clean the mold that we can see with our eyes there is a chance that here are mold spores that will survive and you will clean the same sport in few months. For this reason you should use efficient disinfectants and antifungals for removing mold.

Most commercial mold cleaners contain a lot of dangerous chemicals and they will damage your organs and respiratory system just as much as the mold.

That is why you should use natural ingredients for getting rid of the mold.

Vinegar has antifungal properties and it is very efficient, affordable and does not have any side effects, which is why the best for using it in terms of safety and efficiency.

Lemon juice also has efficient antibacterial and antifungal substance and it is amazing disinfectant in moist and water conditions. That is why it is great for cleaning. His smell is just a bonus.

Mixture for Killing Mold

It is super easy to make. Take 1 cup of distilled, white vinegar and add ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice.

Stir well and transfer it in a spray bottle. Use the mixture by spraying the mold-infested areas and leave it to act for half an hour.

Take a napkin and dab it with the mixture. Use the napkin to wipe down the area. Repeat until the mold is gone. Check your washing machine on a regular basis and use this mixture again if needed.