Unfortunately, heart attacks have become very common these days. They are the number one cause of death.

Heart attack and its symptoms

If you want to protect your heart you can start by having a healthy lifestyle and reducing the stress in your life. However, it good to be know its symptoms, which can be noticed approximately 30 days before having one.

Shortness of breath

If there is not enough oxygen in your lungs, your heart won’t get enough blood. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems in your body are connected and they function together. If you have shortness of breath or similar breathing problems, you should visit a doctor. This might be a warning sign.

Flu and cold symptoms

People who’ve had a heart attack experience flu and cold symptoms. That is why you should seek medical assistance if you have the symptoms.

Chest pressure

A lot of people ignore this symptom, but you have to talk to your doctor as soon as you experience it. It can be a symptom of a heart attack which can happen in near future.


This is can happen because the blood is not able to circulate properly through the narrow arteries. Once this happens your muscles won’t receive the needed blood and this will cause falling and weakness.

Cold sweats and Dizziness

Improper blood flow to your brain will cause dizziness and cold sweats.


You can feel tired even after taking a nap if there is lack of blood flow to the heart.

You can protect your heart by leading a healthy life without any stress. Be familiar with the symptoms and if you experience them visit your doctor.