We all know that proper diet and lifestyle can have a great influence over our health. However, even with a healthy diet and lifestyle the toxins, pollution and chemicals in the environment can have a negative effect over our health.

All these toxins can cause severe health issues. The doctors may often diagnose us with unbalanced blood sugar levels and high blood pressure, which is something we should be concerned about.

Diabetes can affects the way our body deals with glucose. Its most common type is type 2 diabetes and if developed the body cannot handle insulin properly.

A lot of people have type 2 diabetes and we have a great natural way to treat and prevent it. It includes only water, vinegar and egg.


Boil and peel the egg. Take a fork and pierce the egg. Leave it overnight in a bowl covered with vinegar. In the morning eat the egg and drink one glass of water. By consuming this daily you will be able to reduce and control your blood sugar levels.