Anxiety has an influence on everybody. Some might experience it occasionally and for some that is happening on a regular basis. That being said, anxiety can be part of how we feel and it always comes along with physical manifestations.

A lot of people have notable triggers for their nervousness, and acing to identify what they are really going after might be equally as important as adjusting and coping with the experience and feelings of nervousness. The key to eliminating tension and nervousness can be found in practicing the exercises below. They can help you to achieve your goal.

Week one:

Start by having a daily mantra – you should use your mantra every single day to motivate you. Think of why is the reason you are doing this, think of your goals and interests as well.

Meditation – it can help you to relieve the pressure and uneasiness. You’ll be looking deep inside yourself.

Practice deep breathing – aim for 5 to 10 minutes daily for amazing results. You can do it when you feel nervous.

Journal – During this 3 weeks you should write a journal where you can discharge your mind.

Set up goals – you can start with simple goals like cleaning out your closets, or having 3 servings of fruit every day.

Week two:

Organize – start to plan out your days in advice. You do not have to do it for every aspect of your life, but you can do it for the parts that might cause uneasiness if they are unplanned.

Select your priorities – find out your priorities and make them your needs.

Coloring – everyone started using coloring as a technique to calm themselves. It is going to do wonders for you.

Hydration – we know how important hydration is so drink your water.

Week three:

Social media break – it will be the best detox exercise you can do. You can start by one hour daily and built it up to a day.

Hot bath or sauna – setting up time for yourself can be so calming and de-pushing. It is a comforting technique that will help you to relax and devote time to yourself.

Get moving – go outside for a walk in the park or the zoo. Nature will reduce your feelings of stress and fear.

Connect – take time to interact with people. Call on some old friends or spend more time with your family. This will bring you joy, happiness and help you to de-stress.

Final thoughts:

For some people, practicing these things can give them an impression that they are close to nothing. However practice makes perfect. All these techniques will help you to relax, discover yourself and be closer with your loved ones. You’ll become better and happier. Try it and you won’t regret it.