Can you imagine how devastating and horrible would be to lose control of your car and next thing you know is that you are paralyzed from the neck all the way down. This is the tragic story of Kristopher Boesen, this changed his life forever and he was warned by doctors he could never be able to move from the neck down.


He was presented the possibility of bringing back his normal life with the stem cells treatment, however there was no guarantee that this would work. He took the risk anyways.

They started with the treatment in April and he was injected with 10 million AST-OPC1 cells. Doctor Liu injected them directly in his cervical spinal cord. He said that patients with spinal cord injury will undergo a surgery which might stabilize the spine, however it might do nothing for bringing back the sensory or motor function.

Using this study, they wanted to test the procedure which may improve the neurological function, and this can make a difference between being completely paralyzed and being able to use at least the arms and hands. This would make a huge difference and improvement in the daily lives of the patients.


The treatment was finished and 3 weeks later Kris begun to show improvement. 60 days later he was able to pick up the phone, write and manage wheelchair. His motor functions was significantly improved as well.

He recovered two spinal cord levels and this meant he now has a big difference in his movement abilities: now he could function on his own, instead of not being able to move. He was significantly independent.

When he saw the results he said he only needed a chance to fight back and now he might walk again.


The doctors cannot promise that his condition have additional improvement, but they are able to continue experimenting with the stem cell research so they can at least try.
They made incredible steps forward and they will continue to do them so they can fight and solve paralysis. Dr. Liu, along with his team are ready and determined to continue with the stem cells research, which can also be used to treat diabetes, cancer or Parkinson’s disease as well. We can’t wait to see what happens next.