We use plastic a lot and most people would say they use it on a daily basis. Plastic products are cheaper and very convenient, but many people are not aware that plastic can cause havoc. Caroline Power took some images in the Honduran island of Roatan and that show us everything.

This place is considered to be paradise. In the past couple of years, this changed and the place became a “sea of plastic.” The icy blue color is now polluted. A dive team passed through the floating trash for “almost 5 miles” and it was almost 2 miles wide. There were soda bottles, broken footballs, shoes, toothbrushes and abandoned television.


The photographer said that people who live in Honduras are not the only responsible people for this, but every average person on this planet. We need to change our mindsets and start thinking more clearly and be more responsible for our actions.

She also asked for help on social media, saying that the madness has to stop and she questioned how our last street meal was served? She assumed it was served in a plastic dish, with a plastic fork in a plastic bag. She pointed out that when we buy fruit and vegetables, we should put them in produce bags instead of plastic bags and we need to learn to avoid using it.

Her main goal is to raise awareness when it comes to the polluted oceans. That is why she foregone payment for the all the images and asked the money to be donated to the Roatan Marine Park, a local non-profit organization which runs different conservation programs that include an environmental education programs as well as an anti-plastic campaign. She advises people to donate to local non-profit organizations which fight against plastic pollution and help in the process, because this is a first world problem and it is devastating.

Source: truththeory.com