You should be aware that the plastic 6-pack rings might cause severe damage to marine life. The pollution caused from plastic is actually a huge problem in the Gulf of Mexico – it is sad to say that there you’ll find the highest concentrations of plastic waste on this planet.

One positive solution has been provided by a brewery in Florida – a bio gradable 6-pack rings, made of barley and wheat it is the perfect snack for the wildlife.

On first sight it might seem that they are made of cardboard, when they are actually made of barley and wheat byproducts, being able to sustain the usual tear and wear that is related to storage and transport. The brewery is the Saltwater Brewery, which is a craft microbrewery in Delray Beach. They are a startup and they are called E6PR, abbreviation for Eco Six Pack Rings. They have a goal: all other breweries to purchase the new rings and help them lower the manufacturing costs.

The head of the brand at the brewery Peter Agardy stated that it is a very big investment for a small brewery, developed by surfers, fisherman and people who love the sea. Their hope is they can have an influence over the big companies and bring them on board as well.

It was reported by CBS News that this project is created by between private investors and an advertising company in New York, called We Believers, Mexican biodegradable supplier Entelequia.

The rings will be compostable when properly disposed and if they are littered, they will be biodegradable. The rings are still being tested and the specifics are not yet shared. This E6PR would be a perfect solution that will help our planet and save the wildlife.