Did your recently go to the park? The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health together with the Brigham Women’s Hospital supported a study which proves that if women were surrounded with plants they would live much longer.

This research was going on for 8 years, before a conclusion was made. By going out and being in vegetation you can increase your longevity. You would have the possibility to be socially engaged, be physically engaged and healthier in general.

The reason is because plants have a positive influence on your mental health and they can reduce the risk of being depressed.

However, many people do not have time to walk, or simply they do not enjoy hiking. This is when having plants in your home becomes handy. They are going to boost your productivity, reduce the blood pressure and help you clean the air.

Peter James, who is a research associate in the Harvard Chan School Department of Epidemiology, says that vegetation reduces mortality rates. You can prevent depression by being surrounded by flowers and trees. They can also help you reduce possibilities of developing cancer and respiratory problems. It is shown in a study that women who live near plants have 13% lower chance of dying from a disease related to cancer and 34% lower risk of dying of some kind of respiratory disease. It is amazing how plants can help you reduce mortality and how they can filter the chemicals in the air and also improve your mental health. They’ll optimize your overall health and purify the air. For this purpose, you can choose: Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Lavender, Jasmine, Aloe Vera or Spider Plant.