In the everyday busy life, people often get left aside. Relationships are taken for granted and thus they tend to suffer, to deteriorate and eventually fade away.

Estrangement is not peculiar even with couples that say “I love you” to each other because it gets old and gets taken for granted. First, it becomes a common saying such as hello and then it is left out of the conversation.

Few tweaks here and there can refresh and better each relationship and can rejuvenate the affection that once was between the partners.
It all begins with mutual respect and acception.

Leave petty squabbles behind, understand that moving forward involves a free spirit unburdened by baggage.

Forgive, when forgiveness is needed and justified. Don’t hold on to things that create a wedge between you and your partner.

Show appreciation, let your partner know that he or she brings added value to your life. Simple things that you may take for granted, whether he or she left you an extra slice of your favorite cake or bought you some silly little thing you needed. Let them know it did not get unnoticed, even an honest hug or kiss on the cheek will do.

Give support, whether your partner needs time for oneself or just pick up the slack around the home and voice your faith in their competence and their character.

Last but not least, respect and love yourself. Be true to you and the things that define you, the things that made your partner fall in love with you.