Today’s world is very different than the one we (the adults) were raised in. From the car seats to using digital devices, the amazing human presence. Everything has an influence on how our children experience the world.


It was shown in many studies that these days dads are more involved in their kids’ lives than in the past. This causes huge changes in how they experience the world. However, society should support these changes and make it easier for them.

Equal parenting

Today’s dads are very serious when it comes to parenting and they are with their kids as much as they can. In a study made in 1982it was shown that a huge 43% of fathers said they have never changed a single diaper. These days, the number is 3%, which shows that they can change diapers, bathe them, dress them and make their relationship stronger.

It another research it was shown that millennial dads believe that people should have equal rights about childcare, and they want to have equal parenting duties.

By being there for their kids, dads create many benefits for them. They can show their daughters that they are equal with the boys and their sons that laundry and dishes are actually not only a job for the women.

There are many dads who stay at home with their kids and this also supports marriages. One research indicated that if more than 60% of the parenting responsibilities go to the mother, the marriage will suffer. The marriage is stronger when the dad has responsibilities in the home too.

They feel guilt

Even though they are present and they help, it’s known that mothers still do more, and this is when the guilt comes, and sometimes this can cause differences in the marriage.

They need support

They should have support because even if they want to be more present in their kid’s life, social institutions and public policy often prevent that. There should be a paid parental leave for them too, and we all need a change in the overall work culture. This would help them to be better parents.

They are trying and doing more, that’s why society should step up and give them support. Dads become conflicted because even if they want to grow their careers, they want to be with their family too. They are assertive of their kids’ interests and that’s the most important thing for them, but the corporate culture has a huge influence over them as well.

That’s why the workplaces should make some changes and support every parent. This would be the time when everyone would be equally present in the childcare and help dads who desperately want to be involved more.

Cheers to the dads who want to be the change in the world. We appreciate everything you do and we know you’d like to go further. Thank you.