The amazing women of the Australian Islamic Centre were able to raise $1,500 in donations and they came into the rescue with 5 trucks of supplies so they can cook and help the ones who needed it.

They used social media and with the help of the community in Newport, Victoria they raised enough money so they can come into the rescue. They bought supplies so they can cook for them and make them food.


Rashid Elhouli is responsible for public relations for the Australian Islamic Centre, she told CNN that the women traveled a long time so they can help as soon as possible. They made breakfast for 150 firefighters in Johnsonville, and they were beyond grateful.


She also said that they were making plans for additional help so they can help everyone affected by the fires. They tried getting donations that included water bottles, female hygiene products, baby wipes, water bottles, and fresh fruit by using social media. They also hosted a sausage sizzle, where they served food so they can raise money.

Their initial plan was raising money for their youth program, but they decided to give everything to the one affected by the bushfires. After they cooked the food, they spread out to give donations to people affected.

You can see pictures on their Facebook page, where you’ll see their dedication and hard work. They showed how people should care and help one another.