Anyone can make a change, even the youngest. This sweet boy proves that. His name is Pavel Abramov and he is trying to help animals who are put in shelters. He paints animals and he exchanges the portraits for supplies and food for the animals who are put in shelters.

It is an amazing idea and he thought of it when they lost their dog named Barsik. He had such a big influence and it’s the reason why he started looking at animals differently. That’s when he started his project.

He lives in Arzamas, Russia, and they have a group on social media called “What a little volunteer is capable of?”, where they show that children can make changes too. The only people who are working are themselves.

His mom talks with the pet owners and Pavel is selling their portraits in exchange for medicines, toys, food, etc. and he donates them for dogs in the shelters. He then meets with the pets that he painted, as he likes to know their story and how they were adopted.

A lot of animal lovers and pet owners are admiring this project. There are people from all over the world and they all got their pets painted.

Pavel is the youngest supporter and he cares for more than 100 dogs and that’s why it supports them regularly. He sells the portraits back to the owners and in return, they give them supplies.

What has Pavel achieved:

For Chuck’s portrait, he got 5 kg of buckwheat, skin medicine, and 10 cans of dog food.


For Ksyusha’s portrait, he got canned dog food, 6 kg of buckwheat, bandages, and medicines.

For Jesse’s portrait, he got 7kg of offal and 3 kg of buckwheat.

For the paintings of Lusya, Rex, Tuzik, and Keks he got milk, canned beef, dry food, and cereals.

For the portrait of Basik, he got 10 kg of fetched buckwheat and 10 kg of pearl barley.

His mom says that they are all very proud of him and his project called “Kind Paintbrush”. When he grows up, he wants to become an architect and be able to build an animal shelter. He is a very smart and amazing boy and he is a great example for everyone.