Everyone had a broken heart, and we’ve all been there. It’s awful. However, this is just part of life and all of us know how to get through it. If you learned a lesson while getting over a breakup, that’s a bonus.

Currently, the divorce rate in the US is scary 50%. A lot of them happen because of different personalities, money issues, or lack of love. What we need to understand is that the reason is much bigger, and there are three main causes.

No effective communication

Everyone knows that communication is the base of every healthy relationship. The reason is that communication helps us to understand what our partner wants and to share what we want too. Speaking what’s on your mind can help you share your feelings and tell your partner if they hurt you or upset you. If you do not say anything, the feelings you have for them will become resentment.

Eventually, this will cause huge damage, called divorce or break up.

By watching this video you can learn how your partner will come back for more:

You are in a relationship with someone you do not truly love

A lot of people think they will end up alone, so once they have someone around them who takes care of them, they think that’s love. When you fall in love, your brain produces chemicals that make you feel good, and they can be addicting. That’s why some people fall in love with the feeling of being in love, and the person themselves.

It’s not healthy to be with someone you do not truly love, because eventually, you’ll leave them.

There is no trust

Communication and trust go hand in hand. Have you ever been with a jealous partner? If yes, then you know that they are insecure and they do not trust you, which hurts you. You need to help them and understand the reason behind their behavior.

Maybe someone cheated on them in the past and they think it’ll happen again. You need to show them love and be honest. Once you both do that, you can truly grow and develop an amazing long-lasting relationship, that will last forever.

Love is important, so you need to nurture and help it grow. These three pieces of advice are truly important, so learn how to communicate, trust and love your partner.

Source: https://www.higherperspectives.com