We are sure if you have a bigger sister you are more than grateful. You love them because:

1. They will help you to build your character.

They can be the biggest gift, and they can also be jerks. She’ll help you when she intentionally does not go to find you during hide and seek, and you’ll learn a lot.

2. You have real conversations.

The big sister will always be there for real conversations, as it’s hard to talk with your younger siblings or

3. She helped with your parents.

Your parents made mistakes with her, but she showed them they should not do that with you. That’s amazing.

4. She’ll be there for you.

If you vent out to your friends, they might not be there for you any longer, but she will be. She’ll love you no matter what.

5. She’ll drive you around until you pass your driving license test.

So sweet, right?

6. You can always copy her.

She already has done all you are doing, and now you have someone awesome to copy without them being mad at you.

7. She’ll always have your back.

You’ll always be there for each other.

8. She’s a great advice giver.

She has more experience than you do, so she’ll always give you the best advice.

9. She’ll tell you all about grown-up stuff.

This can be tedious, but luckily, you’ll have her to help you with all of that.

Source: https://www.higherperspectives.com