People think that single people have more freedom than the ones who are married. They think they can do as they please more than the ones who have a partner. This is one of the biggest reasons why many people decide not to get married.

However, after long research, we can say that the person you are together with it’s more important than the fact if you are married or not. There are many things that prove married people, have as much freedom as the ones who are not.

Age and responsibility go hand in hand

It is not important if you are married or single, once you get older, more responsibilities will come. You’ll have a job and commitments. People would more likely blame marriage than their responsibilities.

Your partner

If you want to go out, you just ask your partner if they have plans or not and you are good to go. It’s all about compromise and communication. When you are dating, on the other hand, this might turn into a debate, because your boyfriend would want to know who are you seeing, where are you going, etc. This might happen with married people too, but in both cases, it does not sound like freedom at all, so what matters is the person you are with and not if you are married or not.

Earn your trust

Sometimes micromanaging your relationship means you have a reason for it. Your partner may not be trustworthy or they cheated on you in the past. Those who are trustworthy on the other hand tend to have more freedom. You need to be trustworthy to gain your partner’s trust.

You may think single people have more freedom because they always tell you so, and yes marriage may mean the end of that, but can also happen if you are dating someone, and eventually, it’s also so much more. If you have kids, then it’s just normal that your spontaneity and freedom will be gone for a while, but it’s beautiful.